The Committee

New constitution of the temple took place in the year 1989 and by means of collection of all details and other particulars enrolment of Kulavis, Mahajans, regular administrative functions started. The constitutional set up gave rights to Kulavi Mahajans for electing a regular Managing Committee for a term of three years alongwith a Substitute-Committee. The Committee elected comprises of four members and the other four members as a Substitute Committee to assist the regular Managing Committee to be elected by the General Body every three years period. All election rules have been framed in electing the President, Treasurer, the Attorney and Secretary and in absence of the regular Managing Committee the Substitute Committee with same designations for looking after day-today administrations and religious affairs. In addition the constitution provides the rights to constitute any other Sub-Committee as and when required to regulate the works of the temple. The Managing Committee has to prepare the annual budget for various activities to be undertaken during the year, annual festivals, regular pujas, relating government correspondence, accepting of financial assistance, deposits/ donation both in cash and kind, maintaining its records and preparing financial statement including the balance sheet duly audited by the Chartered Accountant and placing the same before the General Body for approval every year, adoption etc. as the case may be. We can proudly say that transparent administration has been given by all past committees.

Present Managing Committee (2016-2019)
Photo Name Designation
1. Shri Rajesh Sadanand Shet President
2. Shri Sudin Venkatesh Kamat Treasurer
3. Shri Rohidas Vaikunth Hodarkar  Attorney
4. Shri Ratnakar Anant Kudtarkar Secretary


Substitute Committee 2016-2019
Name Designation
1. Shri Shyamsundar Vishnu Nayak Sub President
2. Shri B.R.Ravindra Sub Treasurer
3. Shri Omprakash Ratnakant Kudtarkar Sub Attorney
4. Shri Abhijith Dilip Kurtarkar Sub Secretary


1.As the earlier goddesses idols were quite old and not in good shape, new idols were prepared at Karkal and Pran Pratista was held, on 16th April, 1971, at the hands of Kashi Muth Swamiji Srimad………………………….

2.Construction of the first Agrashalla (new building) was complete on 12th March, 1986, which was inaugurated by His Holiness Shrimad Sachittanand Saraswati (Swamiji from Kavle Matt) and offered to the goddesses, whereby, Kulavi/ Mahajans and other visiting members from other states could avail lodging facilities here in the precincts of the temple to perform their rituals.

3.In the year 1990 the General Body passed a resolution for the construction of a new temple and the foundation stone for the same was laid by His Holiness Shrimad Vidhadhiraj Thirth Shripad Wader Swamiji of Partagal Matt on 27th December, 1991.

On completion of the Girbhagraha, the new idols of Devi Shantadurga and Devi Chamundeshwari installed at the hands of His Holiness Shrimad Sachittanand Saraswati Swamiji and Shrimad Shivanand Saraswati Swamiji of Kavle Matt on 18th December, 1994 thus performing all rituals, Puja, Havan etc. Finally construction of entire new temple got completed in the year 1998

4.Thereafter, a new proposal for construction of “Sabhamandapa” was prepared, for which one of the foremost devotee Shri. Sadanand Sheshgiri Shet and his family members, constructed a huge “Sabhamandapa” and offered to the goddesses at the hands of His Holiness Shrimad Sachittanand Bharti Swamiji of Karki Matt on 24th May, 2000.

5.Further, a huge beautiful “Mahadwar” (Reception Gate infront of the temple) was built and offered on 14th December, 2004 by the devotee Shri Subhash Dharma Kurtarkar, his brothers and other Kurtarkar families with the blessings of His Holiness Shrimad Vamanashram Swamiji of Haldipur Matt.

6.One of the Kulavi Mahajan Shri Madhav Kamat and family from Mangalore opted for construction of huge “Deepasthambh” and performing the rituals was offered to the goddesses on 15th November, 2005.

7.While adding one more peculiarity in the temple the past Managing Committee undertook the work of an attractive huge “Maharatha” (chariot) in the year 2005. It is proud to state and will not be an exaggeration in case quoted to be one of the tallest “Maharath” in the state of Goa, both the Devetas sit in this grand Maharath and the procession is taken on the 3rd day of Zatra festival.

8.Once again the devotee Shri. Sadanand Sheshgiri Shet and family opted for new construction of “Uddangui Temple” which on completion was offered on 20th April, 2009 at the hands of His Holiness Shrimad Sachittanand Bharti Swamiji of Karki Matt thus performing all rituals and with the installation of the new idol.

9.Another Kulavi Mahajan Shri Palladka Pai & Family from Karkal offered a beautiful “Mayurasan” (Chariot with Peacocks) and offered to the deities on 29th December, 2009 at the hands of His Holiness Shrimad Shivanand Saraswati Swamiji of Kavle Matt. On the 2nd day of Zatra festival, the deities sits in this Mayurasan and procession takes place around the temple every year.

10.The Kulavi Mahajans and other member devotee are being provided every year the annual program of the festivities held in the temple and also, on every occasion separate SMS intimations are flashed on the registered mobile numbers of our Kulavi/ Mahajans and other devotee members. These reminders have recently proved to be a great success for participation by the devotees in large numbers on all festive occasions.

We have great pleasure to state that one of our Kulavi Mahajans Shri. Gurudasji Kamat, who is M.P has supported in a true spirit for various works and other means of welfare activities of the temple

11.Separate canteen facilities are made available for the Kulavi Mahajans who visit the temple and avail accommodation facilities. The devotees are having full facilities for breakfast, lunch or dinner etc., in the temple premises only.

12.Very recently in case of regular power failures the new 20KVA Auto Generator set has been donated by one of our Kulavis Viz Smt. Chitra Pai, Mumbai. The same has been fully installed and offered to the goddesses during Zatra festival i.e. on 9/01/2011. So in the event of power failures, the temple and the Agarshalla building can be fully illuminated.