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Situated on the banks of river KUSHAWATI, at Ghudo, Avedem in quepem Taluka of South Goa District, is quite famous and is a very old divine shrine known for its sanctity as a lively Devasthan (Temple).

This ancestral shrine of DEVI SHRI SHANTADURGA CHAMUNDESHWARI belongs to various Hindu communities and hence, is the goddesses of all its Kulavi/Mahajans and other devotees. This centuries years old idols were originated at “Kudsthalli”, presently known as “Kudtari” in Salcete Taluka. In this locality there were a number of temples. Somewhere in the year 1510, the Portuguese rulers captured Goa and established its regime over here and attacked specially Hindu communities for its conversions to Christianity religion and due to such enforcement, various Hindu families were forcibly drown to switch over to Christianity religion. These unexpected sudden attacks by the Portuguese rulers created a great chaos and an unsafety situation amongst Hindus and some of them tried to preserve their hindu culture by shifting over these families elsewhere to new places.

The dictatorial terms of Portuguese regime specially attacked various temples from salcete and Bardez Taluka and demolished many temples and breaking the worshipping idols, which forced these Hindu families to take shelter at some places in other localities of their choice. As amongst such attacked temples, ours are one of the goddesses which were shifted to this safe place at Ghudo, Avedem.

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