The Temple of “Shree Saunsthan Shantadurga Chamundeshwari Kudatari Mahamaya” that we see today is in the Ghudo ward of village Avedem, in Quepem Taluka, Goa. This Temple was established in the year 1560 of Christian era, was in Salcete Taluka, of village Curtorim, ward Sandiwal or Sandel was known being there and there is no doubt about it. But in the16th century there were religious conversions and from this threat the devotees and public were forced to leave their places of Goa, and the Founders of Kudatari Temple shifted their deities which was more important for them than their own lives, to Shelvon in the area of Chandrawadi, and subsequently it was moved to Ghudo ward of village Avedem in Quepem Taluka where it was established. And till this day the Temple is there in the name of Shree Saunsthan Shantadurga Chamundeshwari Kudatari Mahamaya.


New constitution of the temple took place in the year 1989 and by means of collection of all details and other particulars enrolment of Kulavis, Mahajans, regular administrative functions started. The constitutional set up gave rights to Kulavi Mahajans for electing a regular Managing Committee for a term of three years alongwith a Substitute-Committee. The Committee elected comprises of four members and the other four members as a Substitute Committee to assist the regular Managing Committee to be elected by the General Body every three years period.


The Prime idols being Shree Shantadurga and Shree Chamundeshwari are adjacent to each other installed in a separate Girbhagraha – Shree Chamundeshwari is on the right side of Shree Shantadurga idol.

Shree Udangi did exist there prior to the construction of Shree Shantadurga, Shree Chamundeshwari temple and was located in front of this temple in a small separated Gruha (temple).Shree Udangui is in ant-hill form with black granite Panchamukhi Sheshnaag. Others Shree Jalmi, four Shree Mahrangan Shilas are in black Granite forms.

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